Fastener Bolt & Screw Supplier Philippines

7TMW Inc is one of the most trusted manufacturer of Anchor Bolt, Steel Fastener Bolt, Base Plate, Hexagonal Nut, Chemical Bolt, Chemical Epoxy, Machine Bolt and other steel product in the Philippines.
With almost 50 years of expertise, We are the number one choice of contractors and engineers around the philippines.

Actual Material Testing

Anchor Bolt 1045 Material

Tensile Strength of 580Mpa to 690Mpa

Anchor Bolt A325/4140 Material

Tensile Strength of 825Mpa to 980Mpa

Steel Plates

Types of Anchor Bolts

  • Type1: L Shape or 90 Degree Bend Anchor Bolt
  • Type2: Stud Bolt with 2 Side Thread
  • Type3: Headless Bolt or Stud Bolt with 1 Side Thread
  • Type4: J Shape Anchor Bolt
  • Type5: Sagrod/Threaded Rod/ Full Thread Bolt
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