Chemical Bolt / Chem Bolt Capsule Adhesive / Stainless Steel SS304 / Galvanized Iron



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Eagle Bond Chemical Bolt Sizes Available

 Capsule size: 8mm⌀  x 80mm (length) / Bolt 8mm⌀  x 110mm  (length)  

Capsule size: 10mm⌀  x 90mm (length) / Bolt 10mm⌀  x 130mm  (length) 

 Capsule size: 12mm⌀  x 100mm (length) / Bolt 12mm⌀  x 160mm  (length) 

 Capsule size: 16mm⌀  x 120mm (length) / Bolt 16mm⌀  x 190mm  (length) 

 Capsule size: 20mm⌀  x 165mm (length) / Bolt 20mm⌀  x 260mm  (length) 

 Capsule size: 24mm⌀  x 205mm (length) / Bolt 24mm⌀  x 300mm  (length) 

 Capsule size: 30mm⌀  x 220mm (length) / Bolt 30mm⌀  x 390mm  (length) 


Available in also with Stainless Steel 304 Chemical bolt 


Chemical Bolt a Powerful Anchoring Product

Want to apply a fastener or anchoring sleeve easily, effectively and conveniently? We have the solution for you!

We introduce one of our recommended products, our CHEMICAL BOLT also known as CHEMICAL ANCHORING. 

Chemical bolt is a fully threaded rod with chemical composition capsule. It is used to fasten high-load components to the concrete structure. The chemical composition capsule is consist of a liquefied adhesive that hardens upon inserting and drilling of the threaded rod inside the well-cleaned hole on the concrete. Compared with other epoxy injectors, our chemical bolt with capsule is more reliable and effective, due to its threaded rod per capsule ratio. Each threaded rod has a proportioned amount of chemical capsule per hole, whilst the epoxy type will be based on the human measurement per hole. Which leads to a fuller and extra strength connection of the threaded rod and the concrete structure.

A Chemical bolt set is consist of a chemical capsule,nut and flat washer. The threaded rod will have a hexagonal head on top which will be inserted in the hand drill adapter. It also has a gap in the threaded area to set the depth range.


Advantages of Chemical Bolt

One of the advantages of using chemical bolt over the low cost mechanical anchor bolt like dyna-bolt, sleeve anchor, wedge anchor, drop-in or grip anchor and other anchoring bolts is that these mechanical anchor bolt has limitations and gives tension to the surface. For these types of anchoring bolts, they required tensions like popping or putting stress towards the structures and the bolt itself. 

For chemical bolt, it naturally fills in all irregularities with its chemical composition capsule and makes the drilled hole air-tight, with 100% adhesion. This extra adhesion creates extra strength with the threaded rod and the structures combined on it. And with mechanical anchors, each size, length and diameter has its own load capacity limits. 

Chemical anchors have unlimited embedment depth, so you can embed any length of rod into the hole to increase the load capacity. And if you choose to use a larger-diameter hole with a thicker rod, you increase load capacity of the structures.

Chemical bolts are often used as anchoring to post or structures that are already constructed, ex. walls, posts, ceilings and etc. thus not needing to reconstruct or rebuild everything just to put another post or anchor to hold a particular structure.


Application of Chemical Bolt

For effective way of using our product, kindly follow these steps: 

  1. Drill hole proportion to the chemical bolt's diameter and depth.

  2. Clean the hole properly, all dirt, oil, debris or dust must be removed. (blowing and brushing the hole)

  3. Once cleaned, insert the capsule.

  4. Use drilling tool to insert the bolt inside the hole while rotating to mix the chemical component. 

  5. Drill until you meet the desired depth.



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