About Us

7 Tiger Metal Works (7TMW Inc.) is a company that specializes in manufacturing Anchor bolt and nuts. We are also engage in selling of other steel products and even special made-to-order items. We have been in the steel industry for almost 50 years, following the flow of the economy by playing its part in supplying products to its diverse clientele such as hardware store, construction firms and steel traders, who are mostly within Metro Manila.

7 Tiger Metal Works is now currently in the verge of expanding its business to more companies within Metro Manila and even nearby provinces.


7 Tiger Metal Works would like to be a part of your company as your supplier for your steel by products. It will be our honor to be able to supply your company with the materials you need for your every project requirements which is within our capabilities with the quality and specification that you require for each items.


It is our aim and vision to always guarantee to provide the highest quality of product our customer requested as per their specification and also provides a very competitive price possible to be able to meet our client’s needs.

It is our honor to provide a high standard of customer satisfaction by providing a personalized customer service.

Sample Application

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